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Peer reviewed manuscripts:

  1. Chee-Sanford JC, Connor L, Krichels AH, Yang WH, Sanford RA (2020) Hierarchical detection of diverse Clade II (atypical) nosZ genes using new primer sets for classical- and multiplex PCR array applications. Journal of Microbiological Methods, 172, 105908.
  2. Krichels AH, Yang WH (2019) Dynamic controls on field-scale soil nitrous oxide hot spots and hot moments across a microtopographic gradient. JGR Biogeosciences, 124, 3618-3634.
  3. Krichels AH, Sipic E, Yang WH. (2019) Iron redox reactions can drive microtopographic variation in upland soil carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions. Soil Systems, 3, 60.
  4. Krichels AH, DeLucia EH, Sanford RA, Chee-Sanford, JC, Yang, WH (2019) Historical soil drainage mediates the response of soil greenhouse gas emissions to intense precipitation events. Biogeochemistry 143, 425-442.
  5. Suriyavirun N, Krichels AH, Kent A, Yang WH (2019) Microtopographic differences in soil properties and microbial community composition at the field scale. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 131, 71-80.

Manuscripts in review:

  1. Krichels AH, Homyak PM, Aronson EL, Sickman J, Shulman H, Piper S, Andrews H, Jenerette GD. Rapid nitrate reduction contributes to pulsed NO and N2O emissions following wetting of dryland soils. Revision in Review, Biogeochemistry
  2. Krichels AH, Greene AC, Spasojevic MJ, Jenerette GD, HomyakPM. Winter precipitation legacies amplify summer nitric oxide emissions from dryland soils. In Review, Global Change Biology

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